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Intimate Partner Violence Certificate


This program addresses the Emergency Nurses Association Domestic Violence POSITION STATEMENT that includes the following:

  • The emergency nurse is an advocate for the survivor of domestic violence.
  • The survivor has a right to be treated in a physical and social environment conducive to compassionate and unbiased care.
  • Routine protocols/procedures for assessment, identification, and referral for survivors of domestic violence should be developed and used.
  • Professional training, curriculum development, and continuing education for all health professionals on domestic violence should be mandatory.

Authors: Jane Koziol-McLain and Nancy Himes.
IT Specialist
: Frank Hoey
: This program was made possible by an education grant from the Emergency Nurses Association Foundation (2000-2001). Our thanks to the Metropolitan Baltimore ENA Chapter for pilot testing this program.

Copyrightę 2001 Jane Koziol-McLain and Nancy Himes. All Rights Reserved.